You can’t go wrong with potato chips as a tangy, spicy and delicious snack. Individuals and groups of various ages enjoy them. Chips may be eaten in any setting, from a park to a movie theater to a college dorm room. Spices, herbs, and cheeses are often used to flavor these thinly sliced potatoes, which may either be baked or fried. There are a wide range of flavors to choose from, from plain to a variety of spicy chips. Snacks are only one way to enjoy them; they may also be served as an appetizer or a side dish. There are a number of prominent potato chip brands in India that are loved by consumers. Listed below are the top chips brands in India at the moment.

The Top 15 Indian Chips Manufacturers

Lay’s (peanut butter sandwich)

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The potato chips made by Lay’s are well-known all over the globe. This subsidiary brand has been part of Pepsico since 1965, an American multinational food, snacking and beverage company with a presence in more than 200 countries, since then. In 1995, the company made its debut in the Indian market. Every facet of the food and beverage industry is covered here.

American-style Lay’s American-style cream and onion chips have an appealing taste with Indian and foreign flavors. Fresh, high-quality potatoes are used to make the chips, which are then fried in the finest vegetable oils.

Second, congrats!

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ITC Limited’s snack brand Bingo was established in 2007. Sunfeast, Aashirvad, Yippee, and Bingo are just few of the brands owned by ITC, a large packaged consumer products firm. There are several flavors of bingo chips available.

Bingo’s Mad Angle Very Peri Peri Chips have a zingy kick to them from the Peri Peri sauce. Rice grits and flour are used to make the chips, which result in a crispy outside and a delectable inside.

The Doritos brand of chips

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In addition to the Doritos brand, PepsiCo owns a number of additional premium chip brands. Doritos has been making flavored tortilla chips since 1964. The company began by selling plain chips before introducing its first flavor, toasted corn, in 1966, followed by a slew of others.

In 1972, Doritos Nacho chips made their debut. They feature a unique flavor and a tooth-rattling crunch that provide for the greatest munching experience. Check out the Best Jam Brands in India as well.

Parle Wafers are the fourth item on the list.

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Mohanlal Dayal Chauhan created the Indian food goods firm Parle Products Private Limited in Mumbai in 1929, where the Parle wafer chips are made. It is the world’s most popular biscuit brand by volume. It has just recently entered the semiconductors industry.

Chips from Parle wafers come in a variety of flavors and textures. Potatoes are chosen for Parle wafer chips. Its light and crunchy texture provides it a wonderful flavor and sensation when eating it.

Indulgence of Haldiram

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India’s Haldiram’s is a snack-, sweet-, and restaurant-based enterprise started by Ganga Bishan Agarwal (aka Haldiram) in Bikaner in 1941. In addition to potato chips and frozen meals, the firm also sells drinks, chocolates, and snacks under the Maharashtra brand. In certain regions of India, the name Haldiram’s is associated with chips. Hand-picked potatoes go into Haldiram’s chips, which are then seasoned to perfection.

Infused with spices, Haldiram’s original chips are a favorite and some of the most popular chips in India.

a bag of Pringles

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American global food firm Kellogg’s is the parent company of Pringles, which is based in Michigan, United States. In 1906, Will Keith Kellogg developed Kellogg’s. There are a variety of brands under the Rice Krispies and Pringles umbrella that the company manufactures and sells, including Cheez-It, Corn Flakes, and many more.

Pringles’ sour cream and onion chips are delicious, plus the bag includes 50% less calories than ordinary chips, which is a good thing for your waistline.

In-Law Uncle Chipps

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Amrit Agro Ltd. launched Uncle Chipps, an Indian chips brand, in 1992. In 2000, PepsiCo purchased the firm, a food, snack, and beverage conglomerate. To make Uncle Chipps potato chips, fresh, hand-picked and seasoned potatoes are used in their creation. Chips that are spicy, crispy, and delicious may be matched with hot and cold beverages.

The eighth TagZ is here.

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Anish Basu Roy and Sagar Bhalotia, the brains behind the Bengaluru-based Indian snacks company TagZ, started the company in 2019. The company claims to have developed a new kind of popped potato chip that is neither baked nor fried, and has half the fat of traditional chips. There are no artificial flavors, gluten, or preservatives in TagZ’s popped potato masala chips.

  1. RiteBite Max Protein whey

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Naturell India Private Limited is the manufacturer of RiteBite Max Protein Chips. Protein chips, a nutrition bar, a protein bar, breakfast biscuits, and more are available from the brand. In comparison to ordinary potato chips, RiteBite Max Protein chips have 35% less fat.

There are a variety of grains in the Max Protein chips that make them an excellent choice for snacking because of their high protein content.

Beyond the Snacks

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beyond snack is an Indian snacks firm that produces chips using high-quality ingredients from Kerala, India. Snacks from Beyond Snack are prepared from a unique kind of banana cultivated in Kerala.

Banana chips known as Nendran are renowned for their prebiotic effects and nutritional value. Snacking on this product is a pleasure because of its excellent flavor and texture.

Cornitos (sic)

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Greendot Health Foods Private Limited, a fast-growing FMCG firm, established the Indian snacks brand Cornitos in 2009. Besides being available in India, Cornitos is also sold in nations like Australia, the U.S., China, the United Arab Emirate (UAE), Hong Kong (SAR), Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka (SL), Pakistan (Pakistan), the Maldives (TM), and Taiwan.

Tomato Mexicana, sizzling jalapeƱo, peri-peri, tikka masala, barbecue, and a host of other flavors are available from the company.

  1. Calicut’s savory aromas and flavors

Buy Now Flavours of Calicut is an Indian snack company situated in Calicut/Kozhikode, Kerala, that sells genuine Kozhikode snacks. Its products, including banana chips, halwa, and pickles, are of high quality and made in Kerala, India. As they are prepared from coconut oil, Flavours of Calicut’s products do not include trans fats. To guarantee the highest possible level of quality, all of the ingredients are carefully selected by hand.

Flavours of Calicut’s chips are produced with cold-pressed coconut oil from exceptional grade Nendran bananas.

Thirteen. Munchies

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Healthy, flavorful, and unusual snacks are at the heart of Aditya Sanghavi’s Snackible, an Indian enterprise. Lightsaber Food Ventures Pvt Ltd produces the goods. With flavors such as pepper, pink salt, paprika and Manchurian sprinkled on top, Snackible’s popped chips make for an excellent snack.

To Be Honest – TBH

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Mayank Gupta is the man behind the Indian snack company TBH – To Be Honest. Real fruits and veggies are used in the company’s products. TBH chips are lower in oil and more in minerals and fiber than normal chips. Vacuum-processed chips are seasoned with delectable spices and are free of gluten and rich in nutritional fiber.

The Too Yumm

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RP-Sanjay Goenka’s FMCG company, Guiltfree industries, has created a snack brand called Too Yumm in India. There is a lot of nutrition to be found in Too Yumm veggies stix chips, which are made of multigrain and vegetables. Too Yumm’s chips include natural oxidants since they are baked rather than fried, making them a healthy snack choice.